Love Zone

歌名:There'll be sad songs (to make you cry)
演唱者:Billy Ocean
專輯:Love Zone (1986年發行)
歌詞:Sometimes I wonder by the look in your eyes凝視妳雙眸 ,有時我感到疑惑

When I'm standing beside you站在妳身旁

There's a fever burning deep inside總能感到妳心底深處燃燒的熱力

Is there another in your memory是否妳仍念著他

Do you think of someone是否妳正想起他

When you hear that special melody當那特別的旋律響起

I always stop and think of you especially每當情歌的呢喃觸動心弦

When the words of the love songs總令我放下一切

Touch the very heart of me份外想妳

*There'll be sad songs to make you cry就是會有些悲傷的歌讓人流淚

Love songs often do情歌啊!老是如此

They can touch the heart of someone new撩撥起人的心

Saying I love you, I love you讓人傾訴愛的話語

I often wonder how it could be如何才能贏得妳芳心

You loving me讓你愛戀著我

Two hearts in perfect harmony如何才能讓兩心相契

I'll count the hours until that day我願等待

A rhapsody play a melody for you and me直到妳我的旋律悠揚

Until the moment that you give your love to me直到妳會真心地愛我

You're the one I care for只因  妳是我心所繫

The one that I will wait for (*)所能企盼

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